MetroGIS Geocoder

MetroGIS sponsored the development of a geocoder web service. You can use this service to add geocoding to a web map or any application that needs spatial info for addresses, without having to store your own local copy of the underlying data.

The MetroGIS Geocoder:

  • Cascades, as needed, to the street ranges from the NCompass road dataset
  • Uses the Regional Parcel Dataset of the Seven Metropolitan Counties
  • Is hosted at MnGeo.

Get the MetroGIS Geocoder:

Want to improve the MetroGIS Geocoder Service?
Contact the Geocoder Team: Nancy Read
The service uses Open Source "PAGC" geocoder software ( first developed in Canada for batch geocoding of national datasets.

Want to extend the capabilities of the PAGC software?
You can sponsor development projects or modify the code on your own.
PAGC is open source software, written in fully commented ANSI C and is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License. To sign up for the PAGC list or contact current developers, please visit: