The following materials include articles and publications produced either by, or about the MetroGIS collaborative and its resulting projects and services.

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On Sunshine Week, A Salute to Data Sharers

James Eli Shiffer, March 2015

Abstract: Star Tribune Article interviewing Randy Knippel (Dakota County) and Geoff Maas (MetroGIS) on the movement of county governments on the path toward free and open geospatial data in 2014 and 2015.

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MetroGIS recommends 7 counties make geospatial data free and open

Alan Palazzolo, December 2013

Abstract: MinnPost article about MetroGIS Policy Board’s October 23, 2013 recommendation to the Seven Metropolitan County governments  to make their public geospatial data publicly and freely available

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MetroGIS: Free & Open Access to Data, Research and Reference Documents

MetroGIS Data Producers Work Group, October 2013

Abstract: A summary white paper on benefits and challenges of making geospatial data publicly available including practitioner interviews, case law summaries, relevant statute language and disclaimer language examples.

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Implementing SDIs Through Effective Networking: the MetroGIS Geospatial Data Collaborative

Ian Masser and Randall Johnson, September 2006

Abstract: Originally appeared in GeoInformatics; providing background information on the origins,  guiding vision, and organizational structure of MetroGIS and the experiences and impacts  of MetroGIS on local, regional, national, and international geospatial data initiatives.

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MetroGIS: Sharing Information Across Boundaries

Randy Johnson, March 2005

Abstract: Provides a general overview of the MetroGIS mission, accomplishments, and benefits to  the region.

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GIS Worlds: Creating Spatial Data Infrastructures

Ian Masser, April 2005

Abstract: Presents an overview of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) phenomenon and examines  the evolution of the SDI concept in several nations.  Describes the local, regional, national,  transnational, and global organizations that have emerged to foster SDI development.
Book is available from ESRI Press (ISBN 978-1589481220)

Minnesota MetroGIS Geospatial Data Collaborative

Randy Johnson, 2005, Special URISA Journal, Volume 17, Number 2 (2005) 41-45;

Abstract: Best ESIG Awards From the 1st Half of the Decade.

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White Knights of Spatial Data Infrastructure: The Role and Motivation of Key Individuals

Dr. William Craig, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 2005, URISA Journal, 16(2), 2005, pp 5-13;

Abstract: Article about the successes of MetroGIS and the roles of key participating individuals in fostering that success.

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MetroGIS Deploys Data Distribution System: The Seven-County Minnesota Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Creates a Central GIS Repository

ArcNews, ESRI, Summer 2003

Abstract:  Provides a general technical overview of the MetroGIS DataFinder Cafe.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul's MetroGIS: A Collaborative Effort Overcomes Obstacles to Data Sharing

Jeanne Landkamer, Metropolitan Council, March 2003, GeoWorld Magazine

Abstract:  This four-page article, written by Jeanne Landkamer for MetroGIS, provides a good  overview of MetroGIS's objectives and accomplishments. It was the cover story in the  March 2003 issue of GeoWorld Magazine.

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MetroGIS: A Consortium of Local Governments Pulling Together for Spatial Data Management

Interview with Randy Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator, January 22, 2003, Directions Magazine

Abstract: Directions Magazine caught up with Randy Johnson at URISA this past year and he talked  about the success of MetroGIS, which won the Exemplary Systems in Government Award at  the conference. Mr. Johnson is the Staff Coordinator for this consortium that shares spatial  technology resources.

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Collaborative Web-Enabled Data Distribution: The MetroGIS Experience

Mark Kotz and Alison Slaats, Metropolitan Council, 2002, ArcNews, ESRI

Abstract: Provides a general overview of MetroGIS from the perspective of data sharing and  distribution.

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Lessons from Practice: A Guidebook to Organizing and Sustaining Geodata Collaboratives

Randy Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator, November 2001, National Geodata Alliance

Abstract: The purposes of this Guide were to assist existing geodata collaboratives to communicate  and complement ongoing academic research to assist champions of aspiring collaboratives  better understand what it takes to establish and sustain a successful geodata collaborative.

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The MetroGIS Initiative: A Model for GIS Collaboration

Victoria Reinhardt, Ramsey County Commissioner and MetroGIS Policy Board Chair; Randy Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator,

Abstract: A presentation to the United States House of Representatives.

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Making Metadata Part of Your Daily Diet

Tony Mathys, Metropolitan Council, August 1999

Abstract: This publication discusses strategies for implementing metadata as part of the standard  work process for GIS data production and how MetroGIS is involved in that effort. The  study concludes that it will take a combination of short and long-term strategies involving  cooperative efforts, incentives, and new ideas to make metadata part of mainstream  activities in the GIS community.  Paper submitted to 1999 URISA Conference.

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GIS in Dakota County: Benefits Add Up

Donald D. Johnson and Dr. William Craig, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, January 1997

Abstract: Dakota County has one of the most developed GIS systems in Minnesota. It was created in  cooperation with 11 cities and the electric utility and is proving useful to all partners. This  article documents the benefits identified as of 1996, focusing on county departments. The  study has been widely cited and versions of it have appeared in GeoInfo Systems,  Minnesota Cities, and FGDC funding requests.

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