The NCompass Street Centerlines Dataset

The Metropolitan Council and NCompass have entered an agreement where the NCompass Street Centerline and Landmarks Data are available to all State and Local Government agencies and Colleges and Universities in the State of Minnesota at no fee. The Metropolitan Council has funded the licensing of these data for use by these organizations to promote standardization and sharing of geographic information. As of 2015, the Metropolitan Council has extended its contract with NCompass through December of 2017.

Link to Metadata (on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons):

NCompass Street Centerlines, NCompass Edit Tables and Landmarks Dataset

How Do I Acquire the NCompass Street Centerlines Dataset?

Step 1: Download the License Agreement

If a third party will be handling the data for your organization, complete a Third Party Non-Disclosure Agreement (Exhibit 1 found at the end of license agreement)

Step 2: Return completed license to:
NCompass Technologies
Attn: Dan Och


Licensed users of the NCompass Street Centerline Dataset may host public-facing Internet-based applications that utilize the NCompass Street Centerline Dataset, provided they obtain an additional license to do so and protect the data from unauthorized access.

Obtain the NCompass Internet Application License

NCompass will notify you of licensure expectations.

Step 3: Download the Data
Once the license is signed and the Metropolitan Council’s representative has been notified by NCompass that a license has been approved, a document will be sent to the Licensee containing the URL, username and password for access.

For questions regarding data licensing and access procedures, please contact: