Regional 9-1-1 Data Viewer Project

9-1-1DataViewerLogo-(1).PNGProject Overview:
The MetroGIS partners are working together
support the development and maintenance of a
Regional 9-1-1 Data Viewer application. This application
will be evolving in the coming months to meet the articulated
needs of the 9-1-1 user community.

Purpose, Need and Goal:
The goal of this project is to have available an easy-to-use, well-designed, data viewer which contains specific datasets central to the business needs of the work of E9-1-1 and transition toward NextGen9-1-1. The primary uses of this application would be for the shared viewing, enhancement of inter-agency communications and understanding the relationships of the datasets to one another. This application is intended primarily as a reference and as a resource for viewing the available regional datasets and enhancing communications and to facilitate the interactions between the GIS-enabled and non-GIS enabled professionals engaged in the work of E9-1-1 and NextGen9-1-1.

GIS Data Provisioning for NextGen9-1-1
The summary (6 page) document available here provides a high-level summary of how the metro partners are working together to provide inter-jurisdictinal data needed by NextGen9-1-1.

Link to the Prototype Data Viewer Appilication:
At present, the 9-1-1 Data Viewer is available as an early prototype in ArcGIS Online. Subsequent revisions, changes and versions will be developed during 2019 and made available as participating stakeholders identify their needs and uses for the application.

Partner Organizations:
Anoka County
Carver County
Chisago County
Dakota County
Hennepin County
Isanti County
Ramsey County
Scott County
Sherburne County
Washington County
Metropolitan Emergency Services Board
Metropolitan Council
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Project Documents:
The current draft 9-1-1 Data Viewer Project Plan Reference Document can be accessed here.

Statewide NextGen9-1-1 Project:
The metropolitan counties, in partnership with the counties of Greater Minnesota have participated in the SECB’s NextGen9-1-1 GIS Work Group from April 2020 through April 2021.
This group’s final report to the SECB NextGen9-1-1 Committee is available below.

SECB NextGen9-1-1 Work Group Final Report (41 pages, PDF)
Final report one-page summary (1 page, PDF)

Project Contacts:
Marcia Broman, 9-1-1 Data Viewer Project Lead
9-1-1 Data Coordinator
Metropolitan Emergency Services Board
[email protected]

Matt McGuire, 9-1-1 Data Viewer Technical Lead
GIS Manager
Metropolitan Council
[email protected]