Work Plan and Budget

The MetroGIS collaborative maintains an annual Work Plan that outlines the priority initiatives to receive attention.

The Coordinating Committee gathers the needs of the MetroGIS community and sets the annual Work Plan priorities for the coming year. The Policy Board provides a final check and approval of projects and budget allotments.

At its quarterly meetings, the Coordinating Committee reviews the progress of projects and makes recommendations for changes or course corrections as needed.

MetroGIS receives an annual budget allotment from the Metropolitan Council. These funds are periodically augmented by program grants for specific initiatives. Details of the current budget are found in the Work Plan document.

MetroGIS Annual Work Plan and Business Planning Documents:

2019 MetroGIS Work Plan Document
2018 MetroGIS Work Plan Document
2017 MetroGIS Work Plan Document
2016 MetroGIS Work Plan Document

2015 MetroGIS Work Plan Document

2014 MetroGIS Work Plan Document
2013 MetroGIS Work Plan Document

2008-2011 MetroGIS Business Plan
2003-2005 MetroGIS Business Plan
2000-2003 MetroGIS Business Plan

For more information about the Annual Work Plan please contact:

Geoff Maas
MetroGIS Coordinator