Governance Overview

Policy Board

MetroGIS is governed by a Policy Board and Coordinating Committee. The Policy Board is comprised of county commissioners and senior county staff from the Seven Metropolitan Counties as well as elected representatives from metropolitan cities and executive-level representatives of watershed districts and school districts. The Policy Board is convened as needed (usually quarterly) to discuss and act upon policy and other issues of import to the collaborative.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is comprised of management and senior technical staff from municipal, county, regional and state government, as well as representatives from the non-profit, academic, business geographics and utilities sectors. The Coordinating Committee sets the priorities of the annual MetroGIS Work Plan, outreach and research activities and provides progress review and course correction of MetroGIS initiatives.

Technical Advisory Team and Work Groups

The Policy Board and Coordinating Committee are assisted and supported by a Technical Advisory Team (TAT) and Work Groups that are formed as needed. The TAT’s purpose is to foster information related to GIS technology within the MetroGIS community and to review technical issues brought to it by the Coordinating Committee, MetroGIS workgroups and MetroGIS staff. Special purpose workgroups are convened at the discretion the Coordinating Committee and tasked with specific project or research objectives.

Operatational Guidelines and Procedures

MetroGIS is governed by a set of operational guidelines and procedures. This document is amended periodically to address needed modifications to the collaborative governance structure or its activities.

MetroGIS Operational Guidelines and Procedures (Approved 4/27/2016)