Project Templates

Successful inter-agency projects require planning, identification of personnel and resources and clear delineation of goals and desired outcomes. The following template is provided to assist MetroGIS stakeholders to prepare and submit project proposals for consideration by the Coordinating Committee for inclusion in the annual work plan.

MetroGIS Project Proposal Template
Editable Microsoft Word document (Version 2.0, July 2016)


Project Proposals

Download 2017 Project Proposals:
MetroPlus Free Geocoder

Project proposals from the 2016 work planning cycle:
Metro Regional Historic Aerial Imagery Mosaic Project Proposal
Minnesota Park and Trail Data Standard/Dataset Proposal

MetroGIS Project Submittal and Approval Process:

Step 1: To propose a new project, download and complete the editable template at the top of this page with your project submittal or proposal. Feel free to attach additional supplemental relevant supporting information.

Step 2: Submit your completed templates via email to the MetroGIS Coordinator (

Step 3: All collected project submittals will be made available via this website to the entire Coordinating Committee and stakeholder community for review and discussion at the Committee meeting(s).

Step 4: Each fall (prior to the next year's project plan) brief on-line survey will be sent to all Coordinating Committee members for them to rank the proposed and existing projects; these survey results will be distributed prior to the next meeting.

Step 5: At the Fall Coordinating Committee Meeting the Committee will:
> Review the survey results collected;
> Rank the submitted proposals;
> Determine MetroGIS funding allocation for the projects (if needed);
> Recommend their inclusion into the MetroGIS Work Plan for the following year.
Questions about this process can be directed to:

Geoffrey Maas, GISP
MetroGIS Coordinator