Metro Regional Stormwater Project

The MetroGIS collaborative has been exploring the potential of working with a broad group of interested stakeholders toward the development of a regional set stormwater system data transfer standard and dataset.

In 2010, a Draft Digital Stormwater Data Exchange Transfer Standard was developed, as well as a pilot project focused on gathering and assessing data in the Ramsey-Washington-Metro Watershed District.

Documents on the Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here.

An Excel version of the Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here: Excel Version of Draft Stormwater Standard

How the MetroGIS collaborative can best serve the project:

  • To re-engage existing stakeholders and identify new ones;
  • Formally meet with interested stakeholders and document their business case for a standardized dataset;
  • To research and document the full range of needs to be served by developing this dataset;
  • To identify and capitalize on existing formal and informal relationships in place;
  • To foster support for the project from self-identifying stakeholder entities and agencies;
  • To leverage that support into the needed resources (funding, staff time, technical expertise, etc.);
  • To develop and deploy a pilot project to test the project's viability.

2018 Stormwater Geodata Summit

MetroGIS, the Hennepin County GIS Office and the Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District are partnering to host a Metro Stormwater Geodata Summit on April 17, 2018 at the Hennepin County Public Works Facility in Medina.

Link to Stormwater Geodata Summit agenda;
Link to Stormwater Geodata Summit invite/flyer;


If you have questions or interest in this project, please contact:

Geoff Maas, MetroGIS Coordinator

Relevant Studies and Documents

2010 Draft Digital Stormwater System Data Exchange Transfer Standard

2010 Standard for Digital Stormwater System Data Exchange Pilot Project (Mack/Onorati Study)

Updating the National Hydrographic Data for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area with Local Subsurface Drainage Information (Kloiber/Hinz Study)